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November 24, 2009
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2635: UTA: T0 Small armor by AlphonseCapone 2635: UTA: T0 Small armor by AlphonseCapone
Just a little something based off Josh Nizzi's concepts.
Decided to use it as a template for my own armor developement. Starting with the UTA Tier 0 Light armor.
Also in Tier 0 are Medium armor... Ill get to that some time in the faaaaar future I assume.

UPDATE: Changed the look of the surrounding "UI"
All numbers, descriptions and upgrades are example values, and does not reflect the final result.
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marcnail Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Draugtroll Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2009
CrabTasterMan Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2009
Looks pretty medium already to me. Then again, those thick padding doesn't necessarily mean practical combat protection. could be more of a protection against the elements. And then again, the "light" designation can be reasonable, if you plan TIER 0 HEAVY to mean some kinda powered armor suit.

You said you plan on doing an RTS for this... but in what scale? small squad control scale like Dawn of War2 or all out war scale like the other RTS? This looks pretty much too sophisticated to be anything other than small squad control RTS. Is it? If not, how do you plan on making it user-friendly with so many details and yet so many things to micro?
AlphonseCapone Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2009
"Looks pretty medium already to me."

Yeah, its pretty much protection from the elements. The suit itself can sustain a person for a set time in the vaccum of space (naturally after upgrading the suit). And you are also correct about the "light" designation. In tier 0 there are Light and Medium (will be completed today actually :)), no heavy. Heavy will arrive in Tier 1, where the power armor enters the arena *rubs hands*
Other things to look foreward to is Tier 2, where you will have more heavy power armor, and ofc Tier 3 that will feature Mech Suits. Tier 4 is reserved for experimental armors.

"You said you plan on doing an RTS for this... but in what scale?"

Massive scale. Think MMORTS. All out war, but with focus on individual units. Yes, it will be sophisitcated, and include a whole lot of things to do (from the lone infantry up to the mighty interstellar starship), and it will probably scare away lots of people, and be a pain to balance. For now my concepts include elements from Earth 2150 (modular unit construction), Supreme Commander (you control "yourself" on the battlefield, realistic scale), Battlezone (1st or 3rd person perspective gameplay) and the ability to enter structures (both in RTS, and "FPS" mode).
CrabTasterMan Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2009
So in real-life terms, someone wearing this armor can still die from one bullet to where the heart is? How about medium armor?

Tier 1 is where mechanical support (i.e. POWERED exoskeleton/armor) starts to appear? So in 40k terms, an IG stormtrooper counts as a light tier 1, and Spehs Mehren counts as Tier 1 HEavy or tier 2 light, and Terminator (Tactical Dreadnought armor) would be Tier 2 Medium at least? I'm still puzzled at just how heavy is tier 1 and 2.

Mech suits... what do you mean? You mean ones where your arms and legs don't necessarily end anywhere near the suit's external mechanical hands and stuff, like the cargo suit in Aliens or the light mech suit with dual machine guns in Animatrix The Second Renaissance part 2 where the human pilots get torn out their suits in their fight against an unstoppable army of automatons?
Or do you mean mech suit as in "mobile suit gundam" where they should really be designated as bipedal humanoid walkers, not a suit... Or mech suit as in something smaller but similar in principle, like Knightmare Frames?

And in conclusion, so this suit is more of just a suit for the engies and suits ppl wear to withstand harsh environments, like an astronaut's suit?
AlphonseCapone Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2009
Depends on the bullet. The suit is padded, but not that much. Basically tier 0 is a sort of "pilots armor" later on, as Tier 1 and up are basically not designed to be used together with a vehicle (apart from the "special" ones that are) Medium armor is much better protected and padded.

How heavy is tier 1 and 2, mwell. Tier 1 is powered armor, it is pretty much as much damage mitigation against tier 1 weapons as tier 0 is for tier 0 weapons, however being powered you gain a natural strength and speed boost.
Tier 2 is basically on the line of the powered armor you see in Warhammer and the StarCraft Marine. We are talking damage mitigation deluxe, and a speed penalty-ish.
Tier 3, like in second renisance/appleseed/vexille yes.

So yes, this suit is more for the light and special infantry as well as for piloting vehicles.
CrabTasterMan Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2009
What's the 2635 mean? is this the title of the series, set in 2635 CE, i presume?
AlphonseCapone Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009
Yup, even thou they do use a different age method in that age, I will stick to that number. It is a significant number historically (not in the sense that we think it is today at least) despite the new dating system.
CrabTasterMan Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009
Are the years even Earth years? This isn't set on Earth or restricted to it, right?
AlphonseCapone Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009
Yes, Earth years. Story involves Earth quite heavily, but most of the action is off planet.
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